WP3 looks at citizen actions to generate responses outside of the structures created by social services, thus complementing WP2’s focus on feedback and participation processes organised by social services. Co-led by the CAL community activist organisation, the work package brings together expertise from social movement studies, media studies and sociology.

It will study citizen-led activities to raise awareness and challenge social services in the public sphere, including media campaigns, awareness-raising and advocacy work, petitions, protests and cultural and artistic production in relation to mental health, disability rights, child protection and youth at risk of exclusion. It will analyse the messages produced, processes through which this knowledge is generated, experiences of liaising with decision-makers and views about desired and actual impact on social services.

Digital processes form an integral part of this work packages, in particular online petitions and social media campaigns. WP3 also investigates the possible overlap when individuals or citizen organisations take part in both official structures and wider campaign and protest activities, seeking to understand synergies between these forms of participation.

Alongside a research report outlining innovative practices and recommendations for civil society actions, WP3 will produce a practical deliverable in the form of an interactive digital map of citizen-led actions as case studies that will be open for additional submissions by citizens across Europe.



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