The concept of “responsiveness” looks at changes and concrete actions within social services that result from the participation of citizens.

At this point, we rely on your support: In order to study participation, the project itself must be participatory. Following the principle “Nothing about us without us” we would like to invite you to participate in our project. We need your expertise in the following areas:

1. starting in autumn 2023, we want to take an intensive look at existing participatory structures in services for 6 months. For this we are looking for people who already participate in services. They can voluntarily join participation groups of individuals in the project to jointly develop research methods, generate and evaluate data. Of course, there will be an expense allowance for this. The research aims to determine the citizens’ view on participation in social services.
2. will be completed continuously

If you are interested, please contact:

With your help and contributions, we can develop guidelines for participation and innovation in the further course of the project. In this way, you will make an active and important contribution to the democratization of social services in the participating and other EU countries.