International Federation of Social Workers



President IFSW Europe (Nov 2018 – Apr 2024): Advocate for social workers’ rights, shaping the future of European social work. Executive Director CFCECAS, Romania (Feb 2008 – Present): Leadership in the Centre for Training and Evaluation in Social Work, contributing to Romania’s social work development. General Director ASproAS (Jul 2010 – Present): Key role in advancing and recognizing social work professionals in Romania. Adviser to the Minister – Ministry of Labour and Social Protection, Romania (Aug 2016 – Dec 2016): Strategic advisory contributions to ministry decision-making. Project Coordinator – “Increasing responsiveness to citizen voice in social services across Europe” (Feb 2023): Leading a project focused on enhancing citizen engagement in social services. Project Coordinator – “VERA – Positive change through integrated action in turbulent times!” (Jul 2022 – Apr 2024): Managing collaborative projects for positive change in partnership with the National Agency for Gender Equality. Expert – Intervention to support Ukrainian Refugees in Romania – IOM UN Migration (May 2022 – Dec 2022): Providing expertise to support refugees in Romania. Guest Lecturer – Erasmus Mundus MA Advanced Development in Social Work 2.0 (Jul 2020 – Aug 2023): Contributing as a guest lecturer to the advanced development of social work on an international platform. Social Services – European Social Network / European Commission (Mar 2016 – Jun 2022): Active involvement in shaping European social services. Short Term Local Expert for the National Agency for Child Protection (2008): Contribution to effective services and alternative measures for child deinstitutionalization. Long Term Expert / Training Coordinator for the National Agency for Child Protection (Jan 2007 – Nov 2007): Coordinating training activities for social inclusion measures.


Policy advisor, Danish Association of Social Workers. Professional social worker since 1985 with a wide experience in practical professional social work and in planning, coordination, education, and practice research within social work. Practical Expert/Short-term Expert in a Phare project (Consensus Programme); External Project Co-ordinator for a 3+5 year organisational and training programme in Zimbabwe; Professional expert within the Sectoral Reference Group “Healthcare and social work activities” reviewing and validating the contents (terms) of the EU ESCO classification. IFSW Europe representative to the IFSW Global Education Commission;


Teodora Dobre skillfully navigates different roles as a social worker, trainer and researcher. In her capacity as a social worker, Teodora actively engages with individuals and communities, addressing a diverse spectrum of social issues with a hands-on approach. Her unwavering commitment to the principles of social work is evident as she provides invaluable support, resources and advocacy, helping to improve the well-being of those she serves. In addition to her impactful work in social work practice, Teodora is a researcher who contributes significantly to the knowledge base in the field. Her research initiatives focus on delving into the complexity of social problems, exploring innovative solutions, and informing evidence-based practice. Teodora’s unique combination of social work and research expertise positions her as a bridge between theory and practice. This distinctive skill set enables her to ensure that her work remains firmly rooted in real-world experiences, while contributing to the ongoing development of knowledge within the social work discipline.